The hotter the temperature, the rarer it is

(Courtesy: MGN)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Having a high temperature of at least 90 degrees is a common occurrence during the warm season in eastern Iowa. Over the past 30 years, Cedar Rapids has had an average of about 12 such days each year. Dubuque averages six, Iowa City has 23, and Waterloo comes in at about 15.

However, pumping the temperature up a little further is harder. 95 or warmer happens just twice per year, on average, and there were numerous years that it didn’t happen at all. The same goes for Dubuque, and the average there is every other year. Iowa City comes in at five per year, with Waterloo getting two or three.

100 is a rare feat; it’s happened just five times in the past 30 years in Cedar Rapids. Dubuque has only one. Iowa City has had about a dozen. Waterloo comes in with six in the past 30 years, although five of them happened in 2012 alone!