"The Miracle Season" premiers in Iowa City

Published: Mar. 18, 2018 at 8:39 PM CDT
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Ernie Found never imagined walking the Red Carpet at a hometown movie premiere. Originally, he didn't want film crews to tell his family's tragedy.

"Our initial reaction was no way. It's just too raw we just don't need Hollywood playing with our hearts."

Found's daughter, Caroline, died in a moped crash in 2011. Just days before the start of volleyball season at Iowa City West High School. She was the star of that team.

"But finally we came to the conclusion there is no women's sports inspiration movies out there, and we need one, and this world needs one."

The film won't be focused on Caroline's death, but rather her impact on others. Her teammates were startled after the crash, and looked to the head coach Kathy Bresnahan for support. Together, the team decided on a new mantra.

"And that was to play hard. And we never said we would play for Caroline but say let's play like Caroline. And that itself was a huge burden because she loved the game," she said.

And they played as hard as they could, even taking home the state title that year. The team appreciated all the community support that year, especially from one particular fan. Ernie Found continued to cheer on his daughter's team, as depicted in the film.

And Found was mourning two deaths during this time. His wife, Ellyn, died two weeks after their child's death from pancreatic cancer.

"It's been unbelievably heartwarming for all of us, and it makes me proud to be in Iowa City."

"The Miracle Season" hits theaters soon. The wide release date is Friday, April 6th.