Teen paints "wall of kindness" for Iowa City's homeless

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - An Eastern Iowa teen is trying to "spread kindness" in Iowa City by helping the homeless.

Latif Behroz, a junior at the Scattergood Friends School and Farm in West Branch, said the idea first came when he was living in Afghanistan, where people painted bright colored walls and put up inspirational slogans.

Behroz says seeing so many war refugees seeking shelter, food and services moved him, his sister and their friends to paint a wall in Kabul.

There, they also hung up clothes with nails for those who couldn't afford any. While many people would take them or mock him, he continued.  

Now, Behroz says he found the need here in Iowa City as well.

"Homeless people were like coming up to me and asking me for money so I was feeling sad and bad about that," said Behroz.

Behroz said they're planning on putting nails up and a cover to last through the winter as well.

The wall can be found behind Uptown Bill's in Iowa City, to the left of PATV. People are asked to bring what they can to the wall so those in need can find items.

The project is co-sponsored by Scattergood Friends School and Farm, United Action for Youth and PATV.