Swastika, racist graffiti left at Lost Island Water Park

Published: Feb. 13, 2017 at 3:29 PM CST
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Lost Island Water Park says it is disappointed after someone spray-painted racist graffiti and swastikas at the park.

General Manager Eric Bertch discovered the graffiti on Friday morning and says the vandals hit sometime between 7:00 pm Thursday and 7:00 am Friday. The messages included swastikas and racial epithets on the pools and several buildings. The park is closed for the season but staff will slowly work to remove the graffiti before the park opens for the season in June.

Bertch said the park typically employs security guards when the park is open but does not have guards or security cameras during the off-season. Because of this vandalism, Bertch says they plan to change that and employ security staff year-round.

Bertch said he was more disappointed than angry that someone would target the park with hate speech. He urges anyone with information to contact Waterloo Police but admits he isn't hopeful that will happen.