Survivor calls for increased awareness surrounding sex trafficking

Published: Sep. 25, 2017 at 9:26 PM CDT
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Kristina Glackin believes no person is immune to human trafficking.

"Anyone's granddaughter, sister, or cousin. I never thought it would happen to me,” she said.

The 29-year-old grew up in Iowa, was in foster care, and when she turned 18, she was living alone in Las Vegas.

“I met a man at the mall. He didn't try to sleep with me. He befriended me, listened to all the things going on in my life,” Glackin said.

Glackin says the man set her up. She was taken to L.A. and held hostage for a week.

"I was held in a hotel."

Glackin says she has a responsibility now to share her story. That's why she and about 60 others are participating in training from the Cedar Rapids group, Chains Interrupted.

“We’re training volunteers to then go into hotels and motels and train staff there as what to look for in a victim of human trafficking and what to do if you see a victim,” Teresa Davidson said.

The volunteers are medical professionals, spiritual leaders, law officers, and even college students.

Getting training so they can target hotels in counties along Interstate 380 on suspicious behavior and when to call the police.

"Traffickers work in basically a 200-mile radius so we have to, too,” Davidson said.

Chains Interrupted says human trafficking will decrease if hotels take the opportunity to listen to these new volunteers.

"Had someone intervened sooner I wouldn't have endured what I endured,” Glackin said.

Chains Interrupted chose to focus around Interstate 380 because it says there are traffic rings from Chicago to Cedar Rapids and even up to Minneapolis.