Student of the Month: Hannah Clark

Published: Feb. 4, 2019 at 12:27 PM CST
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Hannah Clark leads her lab table at North Cedar Senior High School. This week the group is dissecting, and labeling, parts of sheep brains. Clark likes the interaction in Advanced Biology. The teacher is always nearby, to help students.

"I'm very much a hands on learner,” Clark said.

Clark makes the most of her hours at school because they're limited.

“At 11:30 each day I go to the Kirkwood Regional Center in Monticello. I had three classes last semester and three classes this semester,” Clark said.

Clark wants to complete all her college general education classes by the time she graduates high school next spring. That way she can get started in her ideal field.

"Once I finish at Kirkwood, I'm going to be a vet, so I'm going to ISU in Ames and hopefully get into their veterinary program,” Clark said.

But this heavy academic workload doesn't mean Clark isn't enjoying her time as a high school student. She's involved in several groups outside of the classroom.

Her favorite is Venture Crew 2000.

"This summer I got to go to Costa Rica for two weeks with venture crews,” Clark said. “There was this hillside that we took trees that we planted previously and each dug holes and planted the specific trees and helped repopulate the forest in the area."

Clark adds that experience furthered her love of science. And she wants to learn more about other habitats.

"I really like learning about biology and anatomy it's very cool to me."

Clark also shows poultry and is involved in her local 4-H Chapter. She raises chickens, pheasants, turkeys and quail at her home in Cedar County.