Stranger buys nearly $200 in groceries for mother who forgets wallet

Published: Nov. 22, 2016 at 8:22 PM CST
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A Cedar Rapids mother who forgot her wallet in line at the grocery store Monday is thanking the stranger who paid for nearly $200 in groceries.

Danielle Vinson took her son Benjamin to the Hy-Vee on Collins Road. She picked up a few groceries and Thanksgiving dinner ingredients. She says the cashier scanned half of her groceries before she realized she had forgotten her wallet.

"I call my husband really fast and say I forgot my wallet I don't know what to do can you come bring it to me?" Vinson said.

The woman behind her jumped in and offered to pay for the whole thing. $178.86 worth of groceries.

"I just welled up with tears in my eyes and she kind of looked at me like I was crazy and I was like I have to give you a hug and she's like 'no, no, no you don't need to’ and I just ran over to her and gave her a big hug and I was like thank you so much," Vinson said.

She says she asked for the woman's name or address so that she could send a card, but the woman simply said she wanted to do something for the holidays.

Vinson posted the story in a Cedar Rapids Facebook group and it's gotten hundreds of likes and comments. Many people saying it's inspired them to want to pay it forward.

"I think it's been a huge reminder for so many people that have responded that we are surrounded by such an amazing community and such great people here and I mean there's always good and there's always love and it's just been such a cool amazing experience that has not only impacted me but now just like spread to the community,” Vinson said.

One way she says she plans on paying it forward herself is paying for people's drinks in line at Starbucks. She says it's the least she could do after this grand gesture that her family will remember for many more Thanksgivings to come.