State lawmaker pledges $25,000 to developing Dubuque park

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) -- A state lawmaker is pledging thousands of dollars to develop a park in Dubuque County.

Roosevelt Park in Dubuque has been closed and underdeveloped for years. (Charlie Grant, KCRG)

Democrat Chuck Isenhart represents Iowa's 27th House District and he's sent a letter to the Dubuque County supervisors pledging $25,000 to open and develop Roosevelt Park.

It's located on North Cascade Rd. The City of Dubuque owns it, but it's been closed and underdeveloped for years.

Supervisor Dave Baker says he needs to set up a meeting with City Manager Mike Van Milligen to see if the city would like to sell it to the county.

"If the city says, 'Dave, we're not doing anything with it now, but we have a plan and we're not interested.' Then it's done. But it kind of falls under if you don't ask, it doesn't happen," Baker said.

Baker isn't sure how much this would cost, but he says Isenhart suggested the city might be willing to sell it to the county for as little as $1.

In his letter, Isenhart said he would like to see the park used as a recreation area and a regional education center.