Speaker Upmeyer addresses northern Iowa election uncertainty

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URBANDALE, Iowa (WOI) -- epublican House Speaker Linda Upmeyer said to a crowd of conservatives that she will let a group of lawmakers "hear out" the concerns about House District 55 this legislative session.

Right now, Republican Rep. Michael Bergan leads the race against Democrat Kayla Koether by just nine votes. Koether wants roughly 29 rejected absentee ballots. The 2019 legislative session begins next week, and Bergan is slated to be sworn in with other new lawmakers.

"I think every contest is done a little bit differently," said Speaker Upmeyer to the Westside Conservative group meeting on Wednesday. "At the end of the day, if in fact the young lady does in fact have standing for her case, we will hear it. The legislature will kind of assemble itself as a committee court, I guess, and we make a judgment and we vote and we will decide which way that question is answered...we have to gavel in, then we have to appoint the committee, and then the committee will do its work."

Upmeyer said she didn't have a timetable to as how long the decision will take to be made by the committee. She said that the decision seems very small.

"I don't think it will take til May, but I don't know if they can wrap up in a few days," said Upmeyer. "We'll let the committee do its work."

Koether is contesting the election after she unsuccessfully asked a judge to order the disputed ballots be opened and counted.