South Florida is one of the most hurricane-prone parts of the U.S.

Map: National Hurricane Center
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Everywhere along the East Coast and Gulf Coast has to deal with the reality that hurricanes are a threat every year. But different places have different odds of getting hit.

The odds of a hurricane in a given year are roughly 15 to 20% for North Carolina and south Florida. Those are the highest odds in the United States. You can think of this as a hurricane occurring in those places every five to six years, on average. However, it can happen a couple years in a row, or there could be no hurricanes there for ten years. Coastal New England is the least common area for a hurricane, with a yearly chance of just two to three percent.

In general, parts of the coast that “stick out” are more likely to have a hurricane hit, while places that are more “tucked in” get them less often.