Some parts of Iowa County still without power after Tuesday storm

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MILLERSBURG, Iowa (KCRG TV9)- Tuesday night's stormy weather left a trail of destruction in Iowa County. But 24 hours later, the biggest problem remains restoring power especially in the small community of Millersburg.

The ITC electric substation near North English in Iowa County. The damage here is preventing power from being restored to Millersburg about 10 miles away.

The town, population about 200, saw some trees and limbs down but nothing major. The problem is about 10 miles to the east where the ITC transmission substation brings in power to distribute through Alliant Energy to all the homes served. That substation took a direct hit from the storm and homes there may not get power restored until late Wednesday evening.

Unless you had a generator handy, that meant going without electricity for a day or more in that small community.

But that's where Mick Dietze was in luck. He bought a generator about ten years ago, probably one of only five or six in the community, and he's put it to good use after the storm.

"I tell you I was just wondering if it would run that long. It's probably 10 years old and I never ran it more than an hour or hour and a half with electricity out before," Dietze said.

But for Steve Gingerich, an Iowa County farmer, the high winds took out a piece of personal history.

His farm had a 119-year old barn made with heavy timbers by hand. It had withstood the worst Mother Nature could dish out for more than a century. But this last storm was just one too many and it's now a pile of rubble.

"It always made it before, but it was a lot of wind," Gingerich said.

At the peak of the storm about 1,200 Alliant Energy customers lost power. By mid Wednesday, that was down to just 160 customers and nearly all lived in Millersburg.