Some Johnson County absentee ballots may accidentally be heading north

Published: Oct. 14, 2016 at 11:09 AM CDT
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The Johnson County Auditor's Office says several hundred absentee ballots received return envelopes addressed to Black Hawk County.

"The error occurred at our ballot vendor’s mail center, and our vendor is looking into the details. We do not yet know how many voters are affected. Black Hawk County has been notified, and we will work with them to make sure any of our ballots sent to Black Hawk County will be shipped to us and counted," the Auditor's Office said in a statement Friday morning.

Auditor Travis Weipert said his office plans to contact every voter that received a ballot with a Black Hawk County return address as soon as they are able to get information on impacted voters.

"We should have that information very soon," said Weipert.

Weipert said the public should be assured that every vote will be counted.