Some Iowans oppose bill that would allow people with permits to carry guns in school drop-off zones

Published: Feb. 11, 2020 at 5:11 AM CST
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The We Can End Gun Violence Coalition is urging Iowa lawmakers to oppose a constitutional amendment that would expand where people can legally carry a gun.

The bill is making its way through the legislature. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted to pass it Monday.

It would allow people with permits to carry a gun in their vehicles when dropping off children in the school drop-off zone or parking lot. They would not be allowed to bring the gun into the school.

Several groups and some teenagers from Des Moines spoke out against the proposal. They point to gun violence hitting close to home, with four teenagers dying in the first five weeks of this year.

Members of the 'We Can End Gun Violence Coalition' argue it would lead to fewer restrictions on guns.

"We're not saying people don't have gun rights," said Rep. Jennifer Frost (D-Windsor Heights). "We're all hunters or know hunters, but we're trying to make sure common-sense gun safety gas a place in Iowa."

One Republican Senator says past legislation weakened the Second Amendment right. He says stronger legislation is needed for protection.

"Strict scrutiny means that it's gonna be very difficult for a court or the legislature to take away our Second Amendment rights," said Sen. Brad Zaun, of Urbandale.

Groups advocating for the end of gun violence will hold events all this week at the State Capitol, including the March for Our Lives Rally on Thursday.