Some Iowa City residents find white supremacist fliers on lawns

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG TV9)- A flier apparently connected to a neo-Nazi group ended up on lawns and driveways in Iowa City this week.

This flier appeared in parts of Iowa City this week. Photo provided by: Max Ostby.

And the message from the National Alliance group upset some neighbors and even prompted a note of warning to parents from Iowa City Schools.

The message was entitled “Love Your Race” and came wrapped around a “shopper” newspaper that is only distributed in the Quad Cities area. Both appeared Wednesday in some neighborhoods on the south side of Iowa City.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has the National Alliance listed among it’s “hate watch” groups. That national organization describes the National Alliance as a white supremacist group that began in West Virginia and may have only a few dozen members nationwide.

Iyana Leach lived in a neighborhood where the fliers were dropped on lawns and driveways. He didn’t get a copy of the flier but saw both the email from Iowa City Schools and descriptions from neighborhood groups on social media.

“When I saw it, I was distraught because I thought we were far beyond that especially in Iowa City,” she said.

Max Ostby, another resident of the Wetherby Park area did see the flier wrapped in plastic with the free community newspaper from the Quad Cities. He took photos and posted warnings on social media warning others about the message of racial discrimination.

“I thought it would be good to let folks know this was going on in the neighborhood and then I threw it in the trash where it belonged and headed to work,” Ostby said.

The publisher of the River Cities’ Reader says there is no connection between his free publican and the National Alliance.

He suspects whoever left fliers in Iowa City picked up multiple copies of the free paper and wrapped the two together in a plastic bag to encourage people to pick it up.

Iowa City Police say they are aware of the fliers. But because the racial discrimination message was not directed at any particular individual the distribution this week may not have violated any laws.