Snow melt revealing potholes in Cedar Rapids roads

A pothole in Cedar Rapids from Feb. 2019. (FILE)
A pothole in Cedar Rapids from Feb. 2019. (FILE)(KCRG)
Published: Feb. 4, 2019 at 4:40 PM CST
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The melting snow from last weekend’s quick warmup is revealing plenty of unwelcome sights for any driver — potholes.

"We know when the weather turns like this and things start to warm up, potholes usually become a problem,” said Mike Duffy, street operations manager for the City of Cedar Rapids.

Duffy said some bumpy roads, like O Ave. NW, are scheduled to be repaved in the future, but there are only so many repairs crews can make during the winter. For now, they’re doing what they can.

"All the repairs that we're making right now, we try to make them as permanent as possible,” he said. “But obviously given the conditions and just the amount of material that we're having to get out and actually put into place right now, a lot of those, we'll come back in the spring and square them up and clear them up a little bit better."

The City said trucks had been out since Sunday night’s shift to find and fix problems in the road.

"We actually go around and identify where the potholes are, and then we try to make sure we clear all the material out of those potholes so we get a good bond in between the asphalt that we're putting in the pothole and then the surface of the roadway,” Duffy said.

But it’s not just the cold temperatures that are challenging both crews and the roads they’re working on.

"The amount of plowing that we've done on the surface already, and just the water that was trapped that's now popping up to the surface with all the water that's melting,” Duffy said.

If you come across a new pothole, Duffy asked that you report it, through the City of Cedar Rapids’ website, app or Facebook page.

"It's always helpful if people see potholes that they feel are dangerous to make sure they call the streets department here, and we'll make sure we get out and fix them,” he said.