Show You Care Spotlight: Iowa Farm Sanctuary

Published: Jun. 22, 2018 at 6:20 PM CDT
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A Marengo couple has teamed up to help save animals from across the Midwest; from truck accidents, to becoming a meal.

Shawn and Jared Camp run the only farm sanctuary in the state. They say it all started just as an idea.

"A few years back, tongue-in-cheek said 'let's do a farm animal sanctuary' when we found out that Iowa didn't have any," said Jared Camp.

Jared and Shawn Camp said, as vegans, they dreamed of getting more involved in the community. Now at the Iowa Farm Sanctuary, they give TLC to some who need it most.

"Pigs that have come from Iowa's largest hog confinement to animals that were born on small family farms that were sick or injured and didn't have a chance for life on a typical farm," said Shawn Camp.

Shawn Camp calls them "ambassadors of their species," showing visitors the reality that cattle face, letting their stories be the stories of many.

That's why the sanctuary encourages visitors, to open their eyes to interest in the gentle giants.

"People were raised to think of these animals just as soon and we think of them as sentient beings so we think it's important that if people are going to make the decision to eat the animals that there's a face behind the pretty package on the shelf," said Shawn Camp.

"To have people come out here and see the animals and interact with them in a way that maybe they've never been able to interact before is actually really cool," said Jared Camp. "To see the first interaction with them and see the excitement in their eyes."

While some of the animals are still making progress, Shawn Camp said every step they take means a lot to her.

"Some of them may never want to be around humans but to see them let their guards down and take food out of your hands. It's something as simple as that that you might take for granted with a dog or a cat. It's really rewarding work," said Shawn Camp.

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