Service dog flown in from Georgia to help local woman with mobility issues

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CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (KCRG-TV9)-- Celebrities in private planes aren't surprising, but Sunday a dog stepped off one at the Eastern Iowa Airport.

That dog’s name is Maisie. She is a 3-year-old poodle who is going to be a service dog for a Cedar Rapids woman with mobility needs.

Pilot Peter Teahen with Lifeline Pilots flew the dog in. He says they had to deal with some weather issues on the way to Eastern Iowa Airport.

He explains, “All the thunderstorms, we were dodging around thunderstorms all the way, and all the way back on this flight today."

Teahen says Maisie was a good girl during the flight. She is about to start school with the local non-profit ‘Deafinitely Dogs.’ They will get her ready to go home to her future owner.

Sherry Steine Ross with ‘Deafinitely Dogs’ explains of the training, "Leash manners are critical. As well as teaching them to retrieve things such as a cell phone, or go get the home phone when it's ringing and bring it back to the person. They can also learn things such as picking up a dropped piece of paper."

They say having Maisie flown in saved them a lot of valuable time. Ross says, "Last time I went and picked up a dog from this area, it's a fourteen hour trip, and we have the expense of not only traveling, but the time also being away from what I'm meant to do is being at ‘Deafinitely Dogs’ and helping people be placed with dogs."
Maisie will stay in a temporary home while during training. Officials say she will become her future owner's best friend when she's ready.
Ross says, "Deafinitely Dogs’ mission is to help people live an independent life through the love of their dogs."

The training will last 3 months. Click here to learn more about ‘Deafinitely Dogs.