September weather can be extreme

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Transition months in Iowa can run the table of all the seasons. Stout summer-like heat waves can continue well into September, especially within the first two weeks of the month. In contrast, frost can also happen!

Cedar Rapids’ all-time record low for September is 22 degrees, set in 1899. This occurred late in the month, on the 30th. The all-time record high is 105 degrees set in 1925. As you might guess, it was early in the month, occurring on the 4th.

Dubuque’s record low for September is 24 degrees, set in 1899 on the 30th. The record high is 99 degrees, set twice: in 1922 on the 6th, and in 1939 on the 7th.

Iowa City’s records at the airport are limited, but the record low is 28 degrees on the 29th and 30th in 1949. The record high of 101 degrees happened on the 9th in 2013.

The dates of Waterloo’s record cold and heat for September match Dubuque’s. Waterloo hit a cold 19 degrees in 1899 on the 30th. Like Dubuque, the record high happened twice. It hit 102 degrees on the 6th in 1922, and on the 7th in 1939.

Ups and downs are fairly typical in September in Iowa as fall replaces summer.