September Student of the Month: Shelby Westhoff

Shelby Westhoff leads the FFA meeting at Beckman Catholic High School on Thursday, Sept. 20,...
Shelby Westhoff leads the FFA meeting at Beckman Catholic High School on Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018. (Allison Wong, KCRG-TV9)(KCRG)
Published: Sep. 20, 2018 at 3:54 PM CDT
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It's easy for kids to feel lost in the sea that is the high school hallway, but one student, Shelby Westhoff, has found her way to stand out.

"Shelby is just one of those kids that you wish that you had 10 more of," Beckman Catholic High School teacher Dawn Mausser said.

A little bit of Westhoff can be seen in so much that goes on at her school. She's heavily involved with campus ministry.

"I distribute communion and I also read at mass," she said. "On Saturdays, I go and distribute communion in my parish to those who are not able to make it to mass."

She also enjoys science research. Westhoff tests milk quality and competes at a national level.

"I'm going to Indianapolis this fall to compete and there's a big national convention. It's just a great way that we can develop leaders for the future," she said.

The science research couples well with another one of her passions; Future Farmers of America (FFA).

Westhoff explained, "We learn all about agriculture, we learn about careers that we are interested in in the future, and we really get to interact with people around the country."

She's the Beckman FFA Chapter President and said she's come a long way since her shy freshman days.

"When I walked into FFA Ms. Mausser told me, 'You're going to have to get out of your comfort zone.' And that was probably the best challenge she could have faced me with," Westhoff said.

Now she leads with confidence and some of her peers notice.

"She definitely inspires the younger kids to do better," one FFA member said.

Another said Westhoff "Always tries to get everyone involved."

"I think that's a true representation of what Student of the Month should be," Mausser said. "Someone that just takes it upon themselves and gets things done."

It would be easy for Westhoff to feel very proud of all she's accomplished, but she said she always stays humble. She advises other students to do the same.

"Nobody gets here just 'cause they're walking around thinking they're the greatest they can be," she said. "I think just being humble is one of the biggest things."

Westhoff plans to attend Iowa State University next year to study agriculture.