Senior living apartments in Dyersville address housing needs

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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- The growing city of Dyersville is making room for new families by building senior apartments.

A rendering of the senior living apartment building to be built in Dyersville. (Allison Wong, KCRG-TV9)

A recent study showed the city its greatest housing needs are for low income homes and rental units. This is because their industrial park is growing quickly and adding employees.

The senior living apartment building will be built at the corner of Sixth Street Southeast and 13 Avenue Southeast. Dyersville Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jacque Rahe said the project should be completed by next spring or summer.

Rahe said the apartments are needed to make room for families moving to the city who are first time home buyers.

"We have some great growth going on in some upper end housing and medium markets but for that starter home under $200,000 we are really lacking," she said.

At the same time, Rahe said some people in Dyserville are looking to downsize, so the apartments would be the perfect fit.

"A lot of our 55 and older population are looking to downsize," she said. "Looking to not have the maintenance responsibilities that a house or the upkeep responsibilities that home ownership entails."

The building will have efficiency units and one, two and three bedroom units. There will also be underground parking, storage facilities and plenty of common areas, according to Rahe.

She said, "the hope is it will free up some of those like I said first time homeowner places or just you know free up some homes for our new families coming in.”

Furniture store owner Jon Scherbring said he thinks the new development is a good fit for the growing town.

"What’s great to see is a lot of young people moving back to the community and wanting to raise their families here cause it’s a great community to raise a family in," he said.

At Ideal Decorating, he sells furniture and flooring. He said business is booming and could get better with the apartment complex because he's hoping for the chance to furnish the units.

"It’s always good you know big projects that they come by and at least give us the opportunity to bid, the opportunity to bid is the best part," Scherbring said.

At the very least, he expects to see more business if new homeowners do move into the area.

He said, "for us will be great because they’ll want new carpet, they’ll want new floors, they’ll want new furniture. So that’ll be great for us."

In all, he believes all businesses of Dyersville stand to gain from new development.

"The opportunity is there and that’s the best part," he said.