Scooter's donates 100 percent of profits Thursday

Published: Nov. 10, 2016 at 4:45 PM CST
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Thousands of dollars are going to a family who lost two daughters in a car crash that happened in Linn County, and it's all thanks to a couple of local coffee shops.

All of Thursdays profits from Cedar Rapids Scooter's locations went to Jennifer Perez's family. The family was in a crash last week that killed two and injured three others, including Perez.

Scooter's management say they just wanted to find a way to help the family. And workers say their customers were also eager to help.

"It's been pretty crazy busy but all and all it's so worth it. And just like I said just the community pulling together to help each other out, I think it really does show there's a lot of good people out there," Scooter's assistant manager Karen Mowinkle said.

A spokeswoman for Scooters said all three Scooters locations raised $9,179. She also said they hadn't yet added in the cash donations customers gave as of late Thursday night.

Each year, Scooter's chooses a family or an organization and donates a full day's profits.