Scientists: Iowa will be warmer and wetter in the future

Published: Oct. 11, 2018 at 12:17 PM CDT
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Scientist in Iowa say the climate in the area it is going to get warmer and wetter in the future.

Today scientists from across Iowa presented their findings and predictions on extreme weather in the state at the Cedar Rapids Public Library.

They say this past September saw some of the highest rainfall. Memorial Day last year was also one of the hottest on record.

One Iowa State University professor says people should be worried because the trends are alarming.


<"it's effecting people's life and livelihoods you know we consider in iowa that have to keep warm winter because winters are cold - can die from being exposed climate, also if you're a long time at too hot condition home which is not air conditioned"> "It's affecting people's lives and livelihoods. You know we consider in Iowa that you have to keep warm in winter because winters are cold. You can die from being exposed to a cold climate. You can also die if you're exposed a long time at a too hot condition in a home which is not air-conditioned," Ulrike Passe said. During the presentation, scientists said one of the biggest ways to help fix the problem is to change how new buildings are built. A smaller way to reduce the negative effects of climate change is to planting trees. You can watch the whole presentation below.

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