School districts announce plans to make up for so many snow days

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Increasing snowfalls are causing a lot of schools to go over their built in buffer for snow days. Linn-Mar School Board announced its plan to make up five days.

Students will now have to go to class March 25 and May 13. Those were originally a Teacher Work Day and a Professional Development Day. The school year will also be extended by three days. Students will now also have classes June third through the fifth. Even this might change

"We could change the calendar today and come back but then we'll just have to change it again anyway so I think right now we'll come back in March we'll know a better idea," said Linn-Mar Community Schools Superintendent Shannon Bisgard.

This will make up for what they're currently over in their snow day cap, with 64 out of 51 hours planned. Superintendent Bisgard pointed out there's five weeks until Spring Break which could be another answer.

Benton Community Schools adjusted their schedule once and may need to do so again. Mount Vernon Schools is looking to turn two half days into full days. Iowa City School District will add 10 minutes a day onto each school day to add hours. Cedar Rapids hasn't announced its plans yet but will have a board meeting Thursday.