Salvation Army and UI team up to battle dehydration

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Summer months mean hot weather, and a higher risk of dehydration. That's why the Salvation Army teamed up with the University of Iowa's College of Public Health on Friday to make sure people are getting enough water as part of their first "Day of Hydration."

University of Iowa Public Health students passed out water and Gatorade to visitors passing by.

They also passed out fruit as another way for people to get their H2O.

"Hydration is a big part of health and in the summer sometimes it's hard. It's easy to get water, but sometimes it's nice to teach people how to get hydration,"University of Iowa student Madeline Mueller said.

The day was also about helping people who use Salvation Army services learn how to prevent dehydration.

"When you're out in this heat, you can ultimately destroy your body. We're teaching them...the nutrition behind it," Lieutenant Tim North of the Johnson County Salvation Army said.

The Johnson County Salvation Army said it plans to have more hydration days in the future.