SYC: Clarke lacrosse player uses sport for good

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- When you're passionate about a game, it can consume your life.

Connor Watson hold a $100 check given to him by Dutrac for his fundraising efforts for Compass to Care. (Allison Wong, KCRG-TV9)

Connor Watson has always been passionate about lacrosse, but as a college freshman starting a life in a new city, he is trying something new.

He's going to turn his lacrosse game into a donation generator.

"I am donating based on my performance in the lacrosse game," Watson explained. "Every time our team wins I'll donate $5; every time I start a game, I donate a dollar; every time I make a goal or get a shot on goal, I'll donate $10, and for every ground ball I get in a game I'm donating 50 cents."

All of that hard-earned cash will go to  Compass to Care. It's a nonprofit that covers transportation costs for families as they travel for their kids' medical care.

Michelle Ernsdorff founded the nonprofit because her parents traveled to give her medical treatment as a baby.

"Insurance doesn't cover tolls, parking, food, hotels," Sandy Ernsdorff, Michelle Ernsdorff's mother, said.

Watson expected to raise a couple hundred bucks from his own money and finding people to match.

However, only three games into his season and his small goal is growing thanks to online donations, which have totaled around $650.

"Everyone that's been donating has been really been generous and I really appreciate it," Watson said.

He never expected the community to get involved, or a surprise donation from Jason Norton at Dutrac.

"Here's a check for $100 to you," Norton said to Watson. "We appreciate what you're doing for the community and all the kids that it will help benefit from Compass to Care. It's a big step and my heart really goes out to those kids and to you for doing this for them, thank you so much."

Watson was stunned.

"Thank you I wasn't expecting this," he said as he looked at the check.

"It is kind of neat that a kid that comes in here from out of town that sees something that interests him," Mike Ernsdorff said of Watson.

It seems like he's found a new passion in his new home.