Reynolds running out of time to sign medical marijuana bill

Published: May. 24, 2019 at 6:41 AM CDT
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Governor Kim Reynolds is running out of time on a bill to expand Iowa's medical marijuana law.

Reynolds has until Monday to either sign or veto a bill increasing the number of illnesses that patients can treat with CBD oil and raising the legal THC level.

On Thursday, a group of supporters marched to the governor's office to hand-deliver a petition asking her to sign the bill.

An aide said the governor was reviewing the final bills she is under a deadline to sign.

Some concerned parents say this could help children with certain conditions.

"I'm feeling nervous because the medical cannabis board has suggested to the governor to cap anybody's medicine from 18 and under to a 20 to 1. And my son had access to a 1 to 1 to help treat his autism. So. I'm asking the governor to please sign the bill as it is now," said mother Erin Bollman.

Reynolds has not said if she supports the bill.