Reynolds reinforces 2018 goals while Democrats rally outside

DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Iowa GOP Governor Kim Reynolds just started her first full year in office, but already she's facing pressure to keep the job.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (R) speaks with the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, Friday. (Forrest Saunders/KCRG)

Democrats have started chasing her across the state, including during a speaking event with members of the Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce, Friday.

"We want our elected officials to know that we see them,” said Catherine Kaitlin, a Dubuque resident, while referencing the large plastic glasses on her forehead. “Also, that we hear them. Apparently, they don't see us or hear us."

The small group rallying outside the Hotel Julien called it their "Iowa Deserves Better Tour." The state’s party chairman was joining in, making the stops to punctuate the point.

"Lt. Governor Reynolds presented a fairly rosy picture of the state that really doesn't match what's happening here in local communities," said Iowa Democrats Chairman Troy Price.

Meanwhile—inside the hotel-- Reynolds reinforced goals from her Condition of the State Address, a 43-minute speech that covered many topics you'd find on a campaign platform.

Those she hammered home at the Dubuque event; passing tax reform, grants and other programs to strengthen the skills of Iowa’s workforce, and changes to Iowa’s mental health care.

The governor also addressed controversial issues like Iowa's Medicaid privatization.

"It's become very clear that there have been some mistakes made,” said Reynolds. “We've taken action. I have a new director of Human Services. He's hired a new Medicaid director."

Lining up against Reynolds-- a bunch of Democrats; John Norris, Jon Neiderbach, Fred Hubbell, Cathy Glasson, Nate Boulton, Andy McGuire, and Ross Wilburn.

Even a couple members of her own party—Steven Ray and Ron Corbett.

Some positive news for Reynolds-- last month's Iowa Poll from the Des Moines Register showed slightly more than half of the respondents approve of her job, 51%. That's despite about 49% saying they think it's time for someone new in the governor's office.

Public Policy Polling also released a survey earlier this month that showed 47% disapproved of Reynold's performance while only 39% approved. The triple P, however, has been criticized as being left-leaning, in the past.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.