Residents fight to save Coggon's history from disappearing

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COGGON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- Coggon wasn't always called by that name.
t's a story that's part of the rich history of this community in Linn County.

The Coggon Historical Society keeps records of families dating back to the town's founding.

the town has a population of about 650 people.
And residents share a history that's cherished and preserved thanks to the Coggon Historical Society.

There are roughly 1,093 cataloged pieces of history in the Coggon Historical Society.

And those are the just the items they've archived.

"We could be here ever day working, but we have other things in our lives so we can't get here every day," Delores McAtee, Coggon Historical Society president said.

One piece the historical society displays is a wedding dress.

The bride was a Coggon.
Rita Coggon, was a relative of the man whom the town is named after.

A name that's a one of a kind. There is no other place in the world named Coggon.

"There's only one, only one in the word and that is us," McAtee said.

Everyone in Coggon knows a Henderson.

In the Historical Society's extensive family history drawers.
You'll find multiple files under Henderson.
But the first to make Coggon home was Thomas Henderson.

Thomas' grandson Bob says Thomoas "came down to visit relatives, met a lady when eh was down here in the winter and never went back to Minnesota."

Bob Henderson came up with the idea for a place to hold the town's history.
But they had to save the Clemens House from demolition first.

"It needed work when we moved in, the windows were all boarded up and it was in pretty bad shape," Henderson said.

They succeeded, and treasures from when Coggon had a high school, when women made wreathes out of human hair, and military memorabilia that shows how devoted the people here are to what matters.

In Our Town Coggon history is more than something to remember, it's worth celebrating, today and far into the future.