Research Shows Online Dating Increasing in Popularity

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – While online dating used to be considered taboo, it’s becoming more popular among all people in the United States.

University of Iowa Assistant Professor Andrew High and his graduate students thought of the idea to take what people were doing on dating sites and apply them to theory.

Their findings showed widespread popularity.

“Online dating is becoming more and more popular, there’s more and more people who have been using online dating than ever before, it’s success rates are going up,” High said.

1 in 10 Americans are using dating sites and apps to search for love.

“The attitudes towards online dating are also becoming more positive over time. What was once a more stigmatizing thing to say that you met someone online, in fact people were reluctant to admit that, but now people have much more positive attitudes toward the thing,” High said. “A lot of people could think of a friend or family member who met someone who was in a relationship because they met online.”

High believes the popularity might be due to sites allowing users to craft their identity. Successful matches are all about presentation.

“If you meet someone and you just bump into them on the street, or get set up by a friend, or meet them for coffee, or something like that, you’re seeing that person in their full self, right away. Neither person has anytime to edit themselves,” High said. “But people are meeting online, and all of a sudden they have time to really craft and make a self-presentation.”

High said most users aren’t look for the perfect person, but the perfect match.