Rep. King urges House to approve disaster relief package

Published: May. 9, 2019 at 11:18 PM CDT
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Iowa's Fourth District Congressman, Steve King, pushed lawmakers to approve a disaster relief package on Thursday. He says Iowans on both sides of the state need this funding to help with recovery from flooding.

"We have critical infrastructure that's got to be reconstructed. We've got to protect some of these communities that have been nearly wiped out. The Corps of Engineers, in particular, has 41 breaches on the levees just on the Iowa side of the river. And so, I urge that we get to a conclusion and an adoption of a final package on this disaster relief," King said.

The House is expected to vote on this bill Friday. It has stalled because of disagreements over how much to include for Puerto Rico's recovery from Hurricane Maria. Democrats want more money for the U.S. territory, while the president opposes the idea. Senate Republicans don't have much of a problem with the additional funding.

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