Renowned ‘Donut Boy’ shares gratitude with metro police officers

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) — A 10-year-old traveling the country to deliver donuts to police officers made a stop in Des Moines.

10-year-old Tyler Carach is traveling the country to deliver donuts to police officers. He made a stop in Des Moines on Monday, June 11, 2018. (KCCI)

On Monday, "Donut Boy” Tyler Carach handed out a full assortment of donuts at the Polk County River Center.

The Florida native and his mother have traveled to 30 states in the last two years to deliver thousands of donuts to police officers.

Carach said it all started one day when he asked his mom if he could buy some police officers a box of mini donuts at his local grocery store.

"And then I asked my mom why were they so happy over a snack and she said, ‘It wasn't because of a snack, because they get snacks all the time. It’s because you said, ‘Thank you,’"

Dunkin Donuts donated the donuts given to metro police officers Monday, but Carach’s project is funded primarily through donations on GoFundMe.