Push to ban the retail sale of puppy mill dogs in Iowa City

Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 5:24 PM CDT
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Concerned Iowa City residents are calling for a retail ban on pets from commercial breeders, sometimes known as puppy mills.

It's because animal rights advocates say conditions in commercial breeding facilities are inhumane.

“I am a stalwart supporter of homeless, abused and abandoned animals and puppy mill industry contributes to that cycle, as well as endangering the health of the public and the health of the dogs that they produce,” said Allison Jaynes of Iowa City.

The ban would help to cut off the pipeline of puppies from mills to pet stores at a local level.

Petland in Iowa City says they source their puppies from U-S-D-A regulated and hobby breeders.

They want to work with advocates to come up with other ways to eliminate inadequate dog breeders.

"We all want to eliminate, stop, the puppy mills that are out there. That's the overall focus. There are great breeders out there doing great things, we want to support them," said Ron Solsrud, owner of Petland in Iowa City.

Advocates have written to the Iowa City council, but the council has not proposed any ordinances.

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