Proposed bill would require Iowa high school students to take bleeding control course

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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) - Iowa lawmakers introduced a new bill to make bleed control certification a requirement to graduate high school.

A bill working its way through the Iowa legislature would require high school students to take classes about bleed control. (KCCI)

There's CPR training, but now, there could be another course - with the same purpose.

House Bill 2169, now passed through the House committee, would require high school students to complete a bleeding control course, according to KCCI.

Representative Ann Meyer, the author of the bill, says the class is 45 minutes long and it would be part of the curriculum that is already established in P.E and/or health class.

The bill also says volunteers from the American College of Surgeons would teach the class. Although the bill passed, Meyer says the vote wasn't unanimous. Some voted against it because they needed answers.