Principal charged with child abuse allowed to return to work

Bluff View Intermediate School in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin.
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PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, Wis. (KCRG-TV9) -- The Prairie Du Chien Area School District is allowing a principal charged with child abuse to return to work.

Aaron Amundson works at Bluff View Intermediate School. The district put him on paid, non-disciplinary leave after prosecutors first charged him in April.

According to a criminal complaint, Amundson used chemical cleaners to scrub off two letters on a student's hand. According to the victim's mom, her son's hand was chemically burned from Amundson's actions.

In a statement, the district superintendents said some may disagree with the district's decision, but they feel it is the best for the district and its students.

Below is the full statement from the district:

"It is the position of the Prairie du Chien Area School District to put Mr. Aaron Amundson back to full active status.

Given light of recent events, it is our belief that Mr. Amundson's status be changed in order to get the district back to full strength. The District welcomes his expertise and his continual demonstrated success as Bluff View Intermediate Schools have been Title Schools of Recognition for the past six years under his leadership.

We understand that individuals may disagree with this decision, but based on the facts of the situation surrounding the court case against Mr. Amundson, we feel this decision is best for the District and the students therein.

The Crawford County Judge has issued orders that reflect that Mr. Amundson is allowed back to work, with only incidental contact with the student involved with this incident. Secondly, the judge stated in open court that she questioned the finding for probable cause, but gave deference to the state, and bound the case over for trial.

As we continue to monitor the ongoing case, it is the position of the district that throughout this process, all agencies involved have stated that Mr. Amundson does not represent a danger to children, that in fact, this incident was an error in judgement without intent to harm. If the facts of this case change, the District will adjust its actions to reflect the findings of fact in this endeavor.

As with this entire process, the District has limited the exposure of the student and Mr. Amundson with the leave status, and now the facts dictate that Mr. Amundson returns to work at his full capacity."