Preparing to expand, Dyersville agrees to undergo annexation study

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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- One eastern Iowa city is looking to major significant changes for the future- and now the city council has approved a new study to prepare the city to grow.

Dyersville City Council members unanimously agreed to spend $9,500 on an 'annexation study,' basically to determine the costs of adding or upgrading some utilities to the city.

Council members are preparing to review a new comprehensive plan to discuss the future and current growth of the city; with more people coming to the city, so would the need for more places to live.

The plan will focus on infrastructure- to determine the costs for city services like new or upgraded roads, sewer and water lines, and other city services.

The study is not meant to focus and research all areas, but more towards city limits.

Dyersville City Adminstrator Mick Michel said that this study will be beneficial. If the city continues to grow, then that means those outside areas could be popular spots for people to move in to new housing or subdivisions.