The "Pink Wave" washes over Iowa's midterm election

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IOWA (KCRG) - A historic number of women were elected into office on Tuesday in what some are calling the "Pink Wave," of women candidates.

More than 230 women were on the general election ballots in just the House races across the country and of those races, women won 75 seats, including two Iowa districts.

Iowa elected its first-ever women to the U.S. House last night.

Abby Finkenauer beat incumbent Rod Blum for Iowa's 1st Congressional District.

Finkenauer also became one of the youngest women in the country elected to Congress.

She said she knew it was her responsibility to run after spending the last four years as a state representative and Finkenauer says she's now ready to get work when she takes office in early January next year.

The other woman voted to the U.S. House is Cindy Axne, who beat out David Young in Iowa's 3rd Congressional District race.

"I will do whatever it takes and I will make sure that we never turn back the clock that we always ensure that anybody with pre-existing conditions is covered, that they can afford insurance. And I will fight tooth and nail for every single person in Iowa," says Axne.

Axne focused on health care and last night reiterated that she would defend the Affordable Care Act.

And of course, when you look at Iowa's gubernatorial race, Kim Reynold's was elected as the first ever female Governor in state history.

Reynolds was previously appointed to the position when former Governor Terry Branstad left Iowa to serve as U.S. Ambassador to China.

Reynolds beat out her challenger Fred Hubbell in tight race Tuesday night 50 to 47.