People in Dubuque dig out cars, driveways and sidewalks after 6 inch snowfall

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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) -- The Tuesday morning commute was tricky for some as they navigated sidewalks and crosswalks that weren't cleared, as well as cleaning off cars and driving on partially covered roads.

A man shovels sidewalks on Main St. in Dubuque on Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019. (Charlie Grant, KCRG-TV9)

Multiple people could be seen on several city blocks shoveling or using a snowblower to clear the way for walkers.

One woman helped her friend remove snow from his Locust Street property. Kelly Palmer-Hauer said she actually doesn't mind shoveling because it gets her outside and some exercise.

"You know it's not bad," she said. "The snow is actually kind of light, yeah it's fun and it's great to get fresh air. I don't mind it at all."

She isn't surprised by the amount of snow eastern Iowa has gotten in recent weeks.

"I mean we've really been truly lucky the last couple of years, three or four years, so I think we were due for a little extra snowfall and we're getting it and hopefully it will be a wonderful spring and summer," Palmer-Hauer said.

Other people clearing snow said they had a busy day ahead of them working at multiple businesses and homes.

The City of Dubuque snow removal crews worked on the roads all morning and into the afternoon. Public Works Supervisor Paul Davis said once routes are clear, crews will begin to collect the snow piles and move it to various locations around town.