Parents say Cedar Rapids daycare provider injured their son's leg

Published: Jul. 31, 2017 at 9:12 PM CDT
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A 19-month-old boy in Cedar Rapids has to re-learn how to walk after his family says his daycare provider injured his leg.

The family says the child's daycare provider threw the boy because he wouldn't take a nap.

Cedar Rapids Police tell TV9 officers are investigating the incident. We aren't identifying the provider because there are no charges at this time.

When RaeEllen Walker picked up her son from daycare last week, she knew something was wrong.

"With every movement I made to try to pick him up from out of the car seat, and into the home, he just clung into my body," she said.

Walker says a trip to the emergency room confirmed her suspicion. Doctors told the family Max had a broken left leg.

"At his age it's the type of injury that's very hard to do on their own and so that raised a lot of questions," Walker said.

Now Max spends spends a good portion of his day in a soft-paneled wagon. The Walkers made this adapted wagon to distract Max from the fact he can't walk right now.

"There are times where he notices, like can't move or get to where he wants to," Walker said. "You just have to sit and hold him and just kind of let him get it out."

For the next few months, Walker says she and her husband can change their work schedules to keep Max from returning to daycare.

"We think that it's probably best for him to have some form of sameness. That way he can rebuild that trust in adults, and life and us," she said.

While they focus on healing their son, they're also waiting for police to finish their investigation.

Walker says her son was the only child at this in-home daycare setting.

She wants to see charges come to the woman who she believes injured her son. She also says she wants to see the state Department of Human Services to check on all in-home daycare providers.