Owner of Onslow business destroyed by fire: we plan to rebuild, make it bigger and better

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ONSLOW, Iowa (KCRG) - The owner of an eastern Iowa business and his wife said they plan to rebuild after a fire destroyed it early Wednesday morning.

Photos Courtesy of Layne Martens

It happened around 1 a.m. at Anything Country at 106 South Main Street in Onslow, Jones County. The business makes wooden home and lawn decor.

Several fire departments were on scene to put the fire out.

"They saved the town that morning," Owner Randy Lange said.

Co-owner Judy Lange said Randy woke her up around 1 a.m. Thursday telling her the shop was on fire. She's had the shop for about seven years.

"It's our life. It's our way of making a living," she said. "It's our way of showing our town that everything we sell everything to and all of the people who enjoy our products. I'm just at a loss."

Randy is turning to the community to say 'thank you.'

"We also want to thank everyone in Onslow and the surrounding area for all of their help and support," he said in a statement to TV9. "It's been overwhelming and it's warmed our hearts."

There was no word on what started the fire. No one was hurt.

"We do plan to rebuild our business, and we hope to make it bigger and better than it was before," Randy said.