Our Town Williamsburg: Wow-worthy tractor display is a must-see

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WILLIAMSBURG, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- A well-known Williamsburg entrepreneur has what must be one of the largest collections of tractors in the United States.

Jon Kinzenbaw has been at it for decades.

“I’ve always said you could have a lot of hobbies," said Kinzenbaw. "If you look around the country, there are people who have every imaginable kind of a hobby. Mine happens to be tractors because that was probably the first thing I ever did. At nine years old, I could do a day's work with a tractor.”

He has big ones. Small ones. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Three warehouses worth of tractors-- most of them in working order. Kinzenbaw has so many— he’s not completely sure of the exact number. Or at least, he says he isn’t.

“If I told you, the word would get out and I don’t want my wife to know how many I have," said Kinzenbaw. "No, there’s over six hundred.”

It is just wow-worthy to behold in person. Kinzenbaw’s collection is the talk of the town in Williamsburg. It has been for years.

“From what I’ve seen, it’s truly amazing," said Mayor Aaron Sandersfeld. "And he is. He is truly an entrepreneur way ahead of his time.”

As an entrepreneur, it was Kinzenbaw’s knack for innovation that made him a successful man and allowed for the collection of all of those tractors. In fact, you probably know him. Kinzenbaw is the man behind one of the most well-known agricultural manufacturing companies in the country. Kinze— maker of game-changing grain carts, planters and more.

It was in Kinzenbaw’s spare time, off the clock, that he began the collection. Kinzenbaw now travels around the country— the globe— to attend auctions in search for his next addition, which keeps him up for it.

“It’s the hunt, I think is a lot of it," said Kinzenbaw. "Sometimes people hunt mushrooms, it’s more finding them than it is eating them.”

Kinzenbaw doesn’t believe he’ll lose his taste for this tractor hunt anytime soon. He’s planning on keeping it up as long as he’s able.

“It’s just a matter of when you run out of time," said Kinzenbaw. "They always say you never see a hearse pulling a U-Haul. But, you might see one pulling a tractor with a trailer on it if something happens to me. I don’t know.”

If there’s anyone that could figure a way, it’d probably be Kinzenbaw.

Kinzenbaw does give tours a few times a year. Those interested can contact the Kinze Innovation Center for more details.