Our Town: Waterloo diner keeps customers coming back

Published: Aug. 4, 2017 at 5:12 AM CDT
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A typical morning for Morg's Diner is full of pancakes, eggs, hash browns and plenty of regulars. For more than five decades it has stood on Mulberry Street.

“You only have to eat here once,” Co-Owner Samantha Ludwig said. “There are days when I have to wait to get in the alley because the line is all the way down the block.”

For the past two years it’s held the title for best breakfast. It’s not only the food that keeps customers returning, it’s the dedication of Morg’s employees.

“I started as a waitress 21 years ago,” Ludwig said. “I’m a short timer actually, we’ve got 56 years, 35 years, 22 years.”

Doris Anderson works in the kitchen and holds the record. She started at Morg’s just a year after it opened as a dishwasher. Years later her boss asked her to join the kitchen staff.

“I’ve had one person tell me that Doris cooked them more eggs for breakfast than their mother ever did,” Ludwig said.

Anderson said there’s a method for cooking a great breakfast, and it’s in the eggs.

“Make sure you cook them the way they want them. Some people want them over medium well, that means the whites go to be done, the yolks kinda runny a little bit, and scramble soft,” Anderson said.

If you have the chance to spend some time in this diner, you’ll notice the atmosphere.

“We all get along very well. We have to. We’re all in a very tight quarters,” Ludwig said. “We’re family. We fight like family, we make up like family.”

“Its just like home,” Anderson said.