Our Town Maquoketa: Music venue gains national popularity

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MAQUOKETA, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - Codfish Hollow Barnstormers, a name many across the country recognize. The barn turned music venue sits on a farm that’s been in Maquoketa since 1871.

In 2009, the barn held its first concert and since then it has turned into an experience with acts like Counting Crows, Nora Jones, and Dinosaur Jr. stopping by.

“Sometimes it blows our mind because people come through that we liked a lot in high school. My husband and I are big music lovers, and so when someone comes through that we used to listen to back in the day it’s kind of unbelievable. Like oh my gosh, those people are at our barn now, we never thought that that would ever happen,” Co-Owner Tiffany Beal said.

A night at Codfish is more than just a concert; it’s also an outdoor experience.

“You park in a cow pasture first. Then you take a hay-rack ride with Marvin, whose worked for our family for over 60 years down the hill,” Beal said. “Then when you get down here there’s a food court, we have vendors and artists set up outside.”

Guests are even known to sit on the hill and listen to the music while in front of a bonfire. Then once the concert ends Beal sometimes hosts the bands in their home, cooks them breakfast, and sends them on their way.

Codfish Hollow is hosting 19 shows this summer for a list of those visit this website.