Our Town Maquoketa: Art experience invites residents to witness the arts

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MAQUOKETA, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) - After some city renovations in 2008, three separate businesses turned into one art experience. The idea was to do something about the lack of art options in the community.

“This is a town where a lot of people would have to travel a half hour to an hour to be able to go to a museum or to hear a performance. In that way we can develop that other side of the individual and give them a sense that art is not just for CEOs or lawyers, or school teachers. It’s for everyone from every walk of life,” Educational Liaison Nancy Kilburg said.

The art experience serves an all community art gallery with workshop options for adults and kids who want a hands on experience. It even displays work from local artist Rose Frantzen. Her work has even hung in the Smithsonian.

“Artists see the world and the community in a little bit different way. That’s actually, where our job lives in seeing the world in a slightly different way. I think we bring that to a community, and it helps the community see itself,” Frantzen said.

Kilburg said more foot traffic in the experience brings more opportunities. It has a partnership with University of Iowa to bring in more performance art. The next big event in September will feature two men from Ireland.

To learn more about the art experience visit this website.