Our Town Coggon: Resident pushes to preserve military vehicles

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COGGON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- In Our Town Coggon, some are working hard to keep history alive.

Max Betenbender collects military vehicles from around the world, saying that we are losing parts of our history.

Max Betenbender collects military vehicles that were destined for destruction. One he has is a British tank that dates back to the Falklands War of 1982.

He salvages them, spruces them up, and exhibits them around the state at community events, parades and festivals.

Veterans love seeing them and kids are often curious about the massive machines.

"We've already lost too much of hour history. With all these scrap drives. Like I've said I'm finding trucks now because people know I collect. And they may have something back behind a barn." Max Betenbender said.

Betenbender says he has a passion for collecting.

He's planning to donate his entire collection to the Coggon historical society so people can keep learning about the past for years to come.