Our Town Asbury prides itself on having a library that all ages use

Published: Aug. 5, 2019 at 7:24 PM CDT
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Asbury is home to a library that gets quite a bit of use from the town's young families.

Asbury's library is one of five that make up the Dubuque County Library District -- but it gets a lot of use. Half of the library cardholders in Dubuque County go to the Asbury Library.

The town's library isn't that old -- more than five years ago the library moved into its current building which it shares with city hall and the police department.

The library prides itself on having something for everyone young and old.

"We just really try to encourage different types of literacy whether that is beginning readers or adult readers or language learners," Amanda Vazquez, Asbury Library Assistant Director, said. "I would say in general libraries are growing and getting out into their communities a lot. Yes, we still provide your favorite authors."

Before the current building went up, there was a bookmobile that came to town.