Online classes help students with disabilities get access to education

Published: Sep. 10, 2019 at 5:25 AM CDT
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School districts throughout Iowa want to make sure every student has a chance to get an education.

One suggestion for students who have disabilities is taking online classes.

The Head of Schools with Iowa Virtual Academy, Steven Hoff, says many school districts throughout Iowa suggest parents enroll kids with their online school to help give their child a better education.

It's a public school with 100% percent open enrollment.

The school caught the attention of Carson McDonough's parents. Carson is a sixth-grader born with Nemaline myopathy, a muscular disease. It limits his movements and weakens his muscles.

The online classes allow Carson to work at a pace that benefits him and his family. He takes those classes at his Cedar Rapids home. His parents, Brandy and Chris, work as his learning coaches, helping him through his lessons. He watches videos online and takes quizzes.

Carson is in a wheelchair and uses a ventilator. His parents say his condition makes sitting in a classroom hard for him, so they are happy with the online school.

"Everybody should have a right to an education,” said Chris. “Carson is just one of the folks that it allows us to cater a curriculum to his needs and our family needs to make the system work."

“The nice thing with Iowa Virtual Academy is the curriculum is already there,” said Carson’s mom Brandy. I don't have to put anything together, it's there, and that’s nice that we can just kind of flow with the program. "

All of the teachers with Iowa Virtual Academy are state-certified. Students enroll with the Clayton Ridge School District in Guttenberg.

to learn more about the Iowa Virtual Academy.

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