One of the windiest starts to April in 35 years

Published: Apr. 12, 2016 at 4:25 PM CDT
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The winds have certainly been gusty to start April. In fact, this ranks as one of the windiest first 11 days of April since the 1980s.

The average wind speed from April 1 through April 11, at the Eastern Iowa Airport, was 14.9 mph. The overall average of that time period, since 1981, is 12.5 mph. That makes this early April the third windiest since 1981. Encompassing the entire Spring season so far, including days back to March 20, this Spring ranks as the 13th windiest since the early 80s.

The top wind gust reported in Cedar Rapids in April 2016 came on the 2nd, when a 58 mph gust was recorded. Across the rest of eastern Iowa, the strongest wind recorded this month came from the Iowa City Airport, where a 70 mph gust occurred as a shower moved through the area.