One of Coggon's youngest business owners takes over bakery

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COGGON, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) -- From cinnamon rolls to bite-sized cakes, one bakery in Coggon says they are keeping busy.

Penny Dake (left) passed over her bakery business to her daughter, Tara (right), at the beginning of the summer.

Tara Dake is one of Coggon's youngest business owners.
At 19 she didn't have to go far to find her calling, she works out of the kitchen at her old school.

Tara and her mom, Penny, run Brother Sister Bakery from inside the former Coggon elementary school.

"It came up for rent, the kitchen. So we rented it. We started doing downtown farmers markets," Tara Dake said.

That gave people across eastern Iowa a taste of Coggon. You may have seen the family's bakery stall at the Cedar Rapids farmers markets this summer and even tried their most popular item.

"Cake balls are our number one seller," Penny Dake said.

She sells 31 different flavors.
There are kid hits like Nerds, and chocolate ones that taste like a truffle. There is also grasshopper, made with Andes Mints.

It's a laborious process.

"Once I get those all out, i'll start all over, fill those pans back up, let them all cool, and once they're all cool, I'll start and ball," Tara said.

Their success started with mom, and Tara took over at the start of the summer.

"Oh I am so proud of her. She has stepped up and took over and I handed over all of it," Penny said.

Penny also says she now dips cake balls, helps her daughter bake, and prepare for markets.

The face of the bakery isn't the only thing to change. Soon the name will too.

"She's actually wanting to change everything to Queen of the Cake balls because that's our number one," Penny said.

The new name won't change the quality behind the bakery that serves markets, weddings and parties, all from the heart of Our Town Coggon.