Number grows in Vinton animal raid, shelter closes for the weekend

Published: Jan. 20, 2018 at 7:09 PM CST
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The Cedar Valley Humane Society is closed for the weekend because it is overflowing with animals.

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Vinton police raided a home pulling out hundreds of animals including rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds and snakes. The owner of the animals, Babs Galkowski, says she was doing nothing wrong and vows to get her animals back.

Right now the animals are at a number of rescues including CVHS and WildThunder.

"We bring in about 2,000 animals on an annual annual basis and right now the number has crawled up to about 1,200 after all of these animals started giving birth so we are going to head to that 2,000 number very quick end of this year," CVHS director Preston Moore said.

Vets still haven't finished evaluating the now 1,200 animals from the Vinton raid.

"We've seen a number of long-term injuries including injuries that have been around quite a while," Moore said, "In one case there was a chinchilla they had a broken leg for so long that it started to heal improperly and the chinchilla starting to chew the leg off."

Just when they thought they were at capacity, another rescue operation began. On Friday someone surrendered 20 dogs. Some of them are puppies and some are a bit older. All of them needing a permanent home.

"Now all of them have had preliminary exams and will be getting them in for all of their vaccines spays and neuters next week," Moore said.

It will take about a week until all the dogs are ready for adoption.

Police are investigating possible criminal charges in the Vinton case but are waiting for veterinarian reports from the Humane Society on the conditions of the animals.