November Student of the Month: Maggie Burke

Published: Nov. 28, 2017 at 8:02 AM CST
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17-year-old Maggie Burke is a master at moving from one thing to the next. The senior at Center Point-Urbana packs a lot into a day, from the rodeo ring to the stage and the front of her class. Among her many accomplishments is the elite title of the 2017-2018 Iowa High School Rodeo Queen.

"I've been riding horses since I was born; since I can remember," she says. "I got into rodeo and barrel racing when I was about nine years old.

All of that practice paid off. Not only did it earn her a state title, but she placed 10th at the national competition in Wyoming. Burke says riding isn't work, but rather a part of her day she looks forward to.

"When I ride alone, it's just me and my horse," she says. "You know how some people go on runs to relieve stress - it's kind of the same thing, but your horse is doing the running."

It's tough to keep up with Burke. During rodeo season, she rides before school, then has show choir, classes and cross country before musical practice.

"My day would be planned out from about 5:30 in the morning until about 9:00 at night and then homework comes in there a little bit somewhere," she said.

Burke's teachers have noticed her dedication to academics.

"Maggie's a great student," says science teacher Dr. DeEtta Andersen. "I always respect people who go through life with a calm attitude and still get a lot of stuff done."

Maggie will likely attend college in Oklahoma, where she wants to major in animal sciences, pre-veterinarian. She plans to stay on a rodeo team.

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